I can relate

The annoying moment when someone asks you for advice and after everything i say,
 the reply "I know"

Bitch, if you know, then why did you ask me?

Making eye-contact with your crush



When you're in class after watching a movie and the teacher turns the lights on:


When the teacher says you can choose your own partners

The girls are like:

And the guys are like:

I hate it when i walk into class late and everyone’s like..

When you come across a pen that writes absolutley beautifully and smoothly..

You’re like:

and then when you lose it you’re like:

Best part about new electronics :)

When someone is getting accused for something you did

That awkward moment when someone walks in on you singing

Postat av: Johanna

Klockren !jag lånar !

2012-02-01 @ 23:46:20
URL: http://johannaei.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

För väldigt länge sedan tipsade du om en film som hette happythankyoumoreplease, eller nått sånt. Jag bläddrade igenom vår online filmbutik, såg denna filmen och bestämde mig för att titta på den. Riktigt riktigt bra ! Om du inte sett den redan, den rekomenderas !!:)))

Tack för tipset !

2012-02-03 @ 03:35:06
URL: http://johannaei.blogg.se/
Postat av: Amanda

hoho så rolig, jag snor den ;)

2012-02-26 @ 15:21:38
URL: http://amandats.blogg.se/

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